3 Reasons why a relationship between Cancer and Taurus usually results in marriage

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Reasons why a relationship between Cancer and Taurus usually results in marriage
Why a relationship between Cancer and Taurus usually results in marriage

When the earthy bull meets the moody crab, their mutual love for family and need for security helps them bond. Apart from their love for food, luxury, and the comforts of home, an aspect that brings Taurus and Cancer closer is their mutual respect and admiration for their mothers. Call them a mama’s boy or a mommy’s girl, but you would scarcely find that a person born under these signs has a strained relationship with their mother. Read on to discover why most relationships between the bull and the crab of the zodiac usually end in marriage.


  1. They communicate openly 

Having lots of common interests often isn’t enough to make a relationship last. The key to lasting love is also an open line of communication and no one does this better than Taurus and Cancer. Though the bull is stubborn and the crab is extremely sensitive, both these signs believe in empathy that lets them care deeply for the other person. No conflict remains unresolved for long with these two.

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  1. They are attuned to each other’s emotional needs

The crab’s mood is often affected by the changes in the phases of the moon. Hence it seeks stability that the bull can provide. Cancerians also seek undying loyalty and this is something the cautious Taurus readily offers the emotional and sensitive crab. These signs bring an emotional depth to their love that they may never have experienced while dating other signs.

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  1. They have excellent chemistry in the bedroom

One of the main reasons why these signs get along so well is their chemistry. They both seek to connect with each other on a deeper level rather than a superficial lust. Hence, when consistency and patience blend with pleasure, it pleases both Cancer and Taurus immensely. When it comes to intimacy, they enjoy lots of cuddling, spooning, and meaningful conversations in the dark. 


While the strongest affinity seems to be between Cancer and Taurus, these signs do enjoy diverse levels of compatibility with other signs. If you are a Cancer who is looking to date, it can help to open up with your partner instead of shutting down when your feelings are hurt. Taurus on the other hand can benefit from letting things go rather than being petty to build stronger relationships with other signs!

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