3 Resolutions that you should make this New Year

Updated on Dec 30, 2021 09:11 PM IST  |  144.2K
New Year resolutions
3 Resolutions that you should make this New Year

From leaving behind junk completely to exercising daily, we all set some unrealistic New Year resolutions that we either give up on in the middle or simply never go about it at all. This leaves us with nothing but guilt, regrets, and lots of embarrassment.

Hence, the key is to set resolutions that are realistic and something that you need to in life. It shouldn’t be a copy and paste mechanism of your friends’ resolutions but something that comes from within you.

Here are 3 resolutions that you must make for 2022.

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Cutting off toxic people

This might be on many people’s lists but not many would be able to live up to it. Because, after all, it becomes difficult to move out of a toxic relationship or cut ties with a toxic friend. However, if you want to climb the ladder to self-love you must begin saying goodbye to people who bring nothing but bad vibes in your relationship. No matter how tough it may sound, gather courage and make a resolution and fulfill it.

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Minding your mental health

The pandemic has proved how minding mental health has become prudent. The time has come that we put our mental health above everything else and work towards achieving a sound mind. So, if it hasn’t already been on your list, make sure it’s there and at the top place.

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Pursuing your passion responsibly

Most of us land jobs that satisfy our financial needs but not creative ones. We end up becoming mere money-making machines that are struggling in a dead job. While it may not be possible for everyone, it should be our priority to pursue our passion whether by finding a job that serves the purpose or doing it alongside. In any case, for a happy work and personal life, it’s important to do something that we love. Be it cooking, drawing, painting, or travelling, working towards our passion responsibly will always bear us good results. So, if it’s not on your resolutions list, don’t forget to add it.

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