3 Things to keep in mind if you live alone

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Things to keep in mind while living alone
3 Things to keep in mind if you live alone

Midnight cramps, and you are left scrambling for pain killers, hot water bags, and other essentials. To your misfortune, there is none. The result, either hunt for a 24X7 pharmacy online, or if that’s not an option take help from home remedies until the next morning. This might leave you with the longest night of your life.

Anyone of us, who lives alone, falls prey to such a situation. While living alone comes with its set of perks, there is a downside, too. You are all by yourself, in both good and bad phases of your life.

While some may say we can just phone a friend, and seek help, instead of struggling all by ourselves, others will agree that this is not always an option. Hence, here we list 3 things that one should keep in mind if s/he lives alone.

Keep a ready-to-use first aid box at your bedside

While this may sound a bit horrific to some who don’t want to be around medicine all the time, this is a wise thing to do. No one knows what kind of pain you may get at midnight, or when you may need a band aid for those bad and painful kitchen cuts. Hence, it is advisable that you always keep a first aid box ready at a place nearest to your bed that is easily accessible, too, with some analgesics, paracetamols, ointments, bandages and band aids, and other tablets that you think you may require, like specific allergy medications.


Keep an emergency contact list ready

This may contain the contacts of friends, and family members who live near you, and are ever-ready for help. Other contacts of people like the security guard of your society, maintenance office’s number, and a trusted neighbour should also be kept handy in case of any emergency. While this may sound too much to some of you, remember prevention is better than cure. A thing to note. Don’t only save these in your precious mobile phones, keep a hardcopy of these with you, too. You may ask, why? Because phone robbery is on a high.


Stock up on essentials and grocery

You may counter question saying we have apps delivering stuff at the snap of a finger, yes you are right. But there’s no harm to be on the safer side, is it? Instead of completely relying on technology, it’s okay to be a little old school and keep a little stock of groceries and other essential items that you may need anytime. This will save you from the unnecessary stress of ordering online, and paying those extra bucks for that superfast premium delivery. Besides, you can always eat or have what you want without having to wait for it, even if it’s in the wee hours of the day.

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