3 Tips to channel your inner child and remain stress free

Ms Devina Kaur aspires you to be more childlike and let go of the stress and fear that once controlled your every action and allow yourself the joys, fun, exhilaration and authentically empowering feeling that comes with reuniting with your inner child.

Updated on Aug 04, 2021 03:10 PM IST  |  495.8K
3 Tips to channel your inner child and be stress free
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Do you remember when your life was carefree and you found joy in the little things? Being an adult can be exhausting. Making sure that the bills are paid, your business is running smoothly and raising a family of your own as best as you can is not an easy task to tackle. Remember the zest for life you had when you were younger.

Being able to reunite with your inner child should be more than just revisiting a reminiscent moment of the past but should be a part of your daily lived experience and an integral part of who you really are. As adults, it is so easy for us to become consumed by life’s struggles, problems and challenges that we often forget the little things in life that actually bring us joy just as it did when we were younger. Indulging in your inner child doesn’t mean neglecting the beauty that flourishes in the stages of adulthood but rather remembering the simplest, often most childlike things that used to bring us joy. 


Here are 3 tips that are fantastic to remember when reuniting with your inner child:

Take some time off

After a long day at work, often cooking is the last thing on our minds. Think about the last time you had a bowl of cereal or smiley syrupy pancakes in your most comfy pyjamas after a battering day. Being able to step away from responsibility even for a moment and not having a care in the world is exactly the type of medicine the doctor ordered for us. Craving ice cream at a random time? Go for it! A sugary treat that allows us mentally travel back in time and feel like a kid again. You allow happiness to ensue when you begin to unwind and reflect on the brighter side of life. We all need a break at some point and you shouldn’t be apologetic about finding happiness again.

Work less, play harder

“Work hard, play hard” is a motto that many of us live by but when it comes to reuniting with your inner-child, increasing play time is more relevant than ever before! Every adult can recall how important it was for them as a child to experience the joys of playing with friends, parents or even by themselves. As adults, allowing ourselves the permission to play is all about channelling the very things we thought we’ve lost along the way. Your version of play may involve jumping a few hoops, dancing in the mud during a heavy rainstorm or maybe you incorporate sharing jokes with your work colleagues to take your mind off your busy schedule. However, you decide to play, make the most of it and don’t forget to indulge in the moments of carefree happiness.


Embrace mother nature

The sight of nature sparks our imagination and opens our eyes to endless beauty. A world where beautiful flowers bloom and animals and bugs work harmoniously in the circle of life. Being able to connect with nature allows a connection with something greater than ourselves. Whether you walk barefoot on the fresh green grass or drink your morning tea whilst enjoying the chirps of birds, connecting with nature on a mental and physical level accelerates your growth as someone who is mindfully present with the natural world.

About the author: Ms Devina Kaur, author, inspirational speaker, radio host and producer.

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