3 Tips to enjoy a stay at home Sunday

Updated on Nov 22, 2021 08:24 PM IST  |  92.5K
Tips to enjoy weekend
3 Tips to enjoy a stay at home Sunday

If staying at home and binging on your favourite Netflix series is your idea of a perfect Sunday, it is likely that you, too, belong to the introvert’s club. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Whether you choose to party all day or stay at home and enjoy your company, either way, you can have a blast.

So, here are a few ways that will help amp up your weekend game and let you have a fun-filled day without having to step out and torture yourself.

Coffee date will never disappoint

Whenever you feel lonely or a bit left out, get yourself a steaming cup of your favourite coffee, grab a window seat in your home and enjoy the good vibes. Coffee can never go wrong and is, always, the best partner to share your sorrow or happiness with. You can also add to the fun by ordering your favourite pastry and treating yourself, because, after all, it’s a Sunday.

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Indulge in self-care

If you are someone who loves pampering themselves but never gets enough time to do it, Sunday is your best friend. So, open your chest full of skincare products and bring them to use. Scrub, masks, face packs, and lip masks, use them all. This will not only help you kill 2 hours, in case you were bored but will also take you on a relaxing trip and clear, healthy skin will come as a bonus.

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Plan a video call with old friends

If you are an introvert, missing calls is your hobby for sure. So, take this Sunday as an opportunity to make up for all those missed calls, and video chat will all your old and new friends. Cherish memories, plan a get-together, that you know will never happen, and discuss your life. This will help you get out from your usual monotonous life while also reconnecting with people with whom you resonate.

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