3 Tips on how to keep self talk positive with expert tips from the inspirational speaker, Devina Kaur

How to induce positive self-talk? Learn from the inspirational speaker and author, Devina Kaur who talks about 3 tips that will help you induce it.

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3 Tips to induce positive self talk

Do you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? Am I a good person? Why did my marriage fail? I must've done something wrong! Am I capable of raising my children alone? Do I have what it takes? or even worse Why am I so fat? Often these thoughts flood our minds. In reality, we are constantly questioning our abilities and constantly belittling ourselves. Negative thoughts and feelings do not always come from those around us, rather they are often a result of our own doubts, insecurities and stresses. All these factors in life have the ability to bring us down and end up chipping away at our spiritual confidence. In order to become the most authentic and loving version of yourself, here are 3 tips on how to keep self-talk positive no matter what life throws at you:

1. Envision your future self

Imagine your future self and what you want to be. Do you aspire to have self-love, self-acceptance and to be confident in what you have to offer the world? Work towards making your future dream self a reality. Get to know yourself. Take steps every single day to become the person you want to be in the future. Have a loving relationship with all parts of yourself, for example, I praise my features out loud. I tell my dark brown eyes how they sparkle. I tell my grey hair how perfect it is. I didn’t compare myself to anyone else, and I didn’t ask anyone to compare themselves to me. Do the same, every day grow and learn to love yourself as a true spiritual being.

2. Embrace the child in you

Children learn by example. I have personally not been perfect in this endeavour. One day, I saw my 7-year-old daughter Anahat standing in front of the mirror and talking to herself. She said, “I am so fat, I need to go on a diet.” Can you imagine? A child saying that! For me, witnessing this was a life-changing moment. What messages are we teaching our children? I knew I had to practice radical self-acceptance with myself and my body so that my daughter would do the same for herself. Children are carefree and should not be affected by the challenges that life throws at them. Just as we are appalled by our kids feeling bad about themselves is the exact same way we should approach our view about ourselves. Embrace the child within you, embrace the carefree attitude, walk barefoot, play, laugh, connect to the present moment, be authentic, know who you are. Be a child again and love yourself for simply being.

3. Actively release negativity

If ever you catch yourself slipping back into your old patterns, practice being able to have awareness about the negative self-talk, then pausing, and providing yourself with a loving message to counter it - 'I am  beautiful!' Stand in front of the mirror and say ‘I am sexy, I am brilliant. Disassociate yourself from your body and imagine that it is not yours for a moment so that you may look at it with a fresh perspective. Eventually, slowly, gradually, you will start to feel worthy of love.  Anytime that hateful little voice in your head starts calling you fat or other negative messages, repeat kind and loving words again and again until you start believing that you are indeed daring, bold, beautiful, and likeable.

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