3 Unfortunate ways in which retirement impacts your marriage

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Unfortunate ways in which retirement impacts your marriage

The prospect of retirement can be an emotionally turbulent one for any couple. At times, when both the partners are working and retire together, they abruptly find themselves with a lot of free time that they aren’t used to. In fact, many struggle with a loss of their perceived sense of self, while others take it as an opportunity to reinvent their identity. Today, we explore some of the unexpected and unfortunate ways in which retirement can impact your relationship with your spouse.

  1. The financial impact may leave you feeling frustrated

Almost everyone plans their retirement so that they have investments, assets or savings. However, for many couples, a lack of regular income compromises their ability to spend on the finer things in life. You probably can go longer indulge yourself with impulse purchases or a random shopping spree. A tight budget may mean you must deny yourself or your partner of things that you might like. This tends to cause friction between some spouses who end up feeling frustrated as a result of having to live on a small budget.

retirement woes in couples

  1. Retiring together could cause friction between you two

When one of the spouses is working and the other is retired, they can use their time to find new hobbies and settle in their life. They do feel reassured knowing that their spouse is still working and can take care of any financial crisis that should come upon them. But couples who are about the same age can’t help but retire at the same time. Therefore, they lack the safety net of knowing that they can still rely on their working spouse. This could cause one or both of the spouses to feel anxiety, worry and even a foreboding feeling of dread.

  1. Impact on your mental health

A lot of people derive a large chunk of their confidence and self-assuredness by knowing that they excel in their professional life. However, retirement means having to find something else that gives you solace and a sense of validation. This transition can prove to be mentally taxing and hence adversely impact your mental health should you suffer with feelings of inadequacy or restlessness. While you’re going through this, you may not be able to be a generally happy and supportive partner that your husband or wife needs. Hence it may mean there could be trouble in paradise.

retirement woes couple

If you’re having trouble adapting to your new life, then you must confide in your partner and then see a mental health professional to ensure that you can ace the golden years of your life with a tranquil state of mind.

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