3 Ways fathers can bond with their daughters while working from home

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Ways fathers can bond with their daughters while working from home
Ways fathers can bond with their daughters while working from home

A lot of parents complain about how they can never seem to have any time with their little ones. While work may have taken you away from your little girl, you may now realise that work from home presents the ideal opportunity for some good old dad-daughter bonding. So, if you have felt like your little one has been growing up too quickly for your liking, then read on. We bring you a few ways you can form a stronger bond with your baby girl while you work remotely.

  1. Build a toy fort

There’s nothing a child likes better than a secret hideaway that is just hers. Well, you may not be able to take her to a clubhouse in your area, but you can build her a toy fort at home. Use moving boxes that are yet to be discarded or even blankets to build a fort for your little one. You can have great fun together as you make believe and watch out for pirates and pillages from over the towers of your little girl’s fort to her delight.

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  1. Let her read aloud to you

In the world of smartphones and tablets, there is a real need for readers and kids who above all enjoy reading. You can have a reading session with your daughter where you can read books to her during story time. As your toddler grows, she can read books like Harry Potter or ones by Enid Blyton to you. This will allow you to correct her pronunciation and improve her vocabulary. Such an activity not only brings the two of you closer, but works as an educational experience for your little one.

  1. Have princess a tea party

If your child is under the age of 7, then thrill her by inviting her to a princess tea party. You can allow her to be the little princess and even dress up in a pretty dress and a cape. Also in attendance would be her favorite dolls and teddy and you can all cluster around a table and sip from a toy tea set to add to the fun. She could even wear a toy tiara and fairy wings that makes her feel ever so special.

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Letting go of your serious role as her provider and protector is advised every so often, because play-time can help you really connect with her. It gives her the chance to bond with her dad without a care in the world!

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