3 Zodiac signs likely to receive good news in the coming week; Read your weekly horoscope to find out more

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3 Zodiac signs likely to receive good news in the coming week; Read your horoscope

Worldly pleasures, productive engagement on the work front and monetary gains are the themes that characterise this week. What is predicted for you out of these? Read your weekly forecast to know. 

Read the weekly horoscope of these 3 zodiac signs from June 28 to July 4, 2021, as shared by Kalashanti Jyotish and have a look at what the stars have in store for you.


Taurus sign people are likely to receive good news on the job front. Your seniors will remain pleased with your contribution. The middle of the week appears promising for making monetary gains. You may enjoy a party with your friends or a social gathering. Maintain harmony with your life partner. The end of the week may bring unnecessary expenses and health problems. You will earn prestige and honour in society.


Scorpio sign people will enjoy the bliss of material pleasures. Your efforts on the property or house change front will bear fruit. This will be a favourable month for income. All your professional assignments will remain in your control and will get through as per your wish. Business people may have to struggle a bit. A gift is likely to come your way. Your health will remain fine. A sudden expense is possible. This will be an excellent week for matters of the heart. Do not take unnecessary stress. 


Sagittarius sign people are likely to be promoted to a higher post in the workplace. There will be excessive running around to complete your work. You will feel super confident about your work. You will maintain harmony and congruity in your approach towards life with your spouse. The middle of the week may bring some stress. Students are likely to do well. The end of the week shall bring a gift or an unexpected monetary gain for you. Take care of your health.

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