3 Zodiac signs to remain occupied with work today; Read the daily horoscope to know more

Updated on Sep 16, 2021 12:51 AM IST  |  97K
3 Zodiac signs to remain occupied with work today; Read the daily horoscope to know more

Zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn are likely to remain busy with work today. Check out the daily horoscope of these 3 zodiac signs below.


Know what is in store for these 3 zodiac signs for September 15, 2021, as shared by astrologer Kalashanti Jyotish.


Taurus today’s horoscope


Taurus sign people will continue to remain heavily occupied with professional tasks as there will be an urgency to complete some of them before the sunsets. Do not spend mindlessly on buying gadgets and other tits bits. You are likely to regret it later after noticing a substantial amount lost in them. Your health stars are vulnerable, so do not ignore even minor signs of discomfort. Your spouse needs sensitive handling and care. Do not shy away from that.



Cancer today’s horoscope


Cancer sign people are likely to remain busy on the professional front. There will be things to complete which will require your determination as well as intelligence. You are likely to invest in amenities to enhance the level of style and comfort in your domestic life. Your parents may pass on the family heritage or a part of it to you. At the back of your mind, you may remain anxious about the need to earn more. A short distance road trip will give a good break.


Capricorn today’s horoscope


Capricorn sign people will have to run around the town in order to do their work. There will be obstacles and conflicting demands posed on your time and energy. You may have to suddenly pack your bags and leave for an emergency meeting in a nearby town. Despite working hard, there will be a feeling of inadequacy and lacking something. Be available emotionally to your family members and spouse. Do not do anything in a hurry.

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