3 Zodiac signs who are most likely to act differently in front of their partners

How you behave in front of your friends, your parents and your lover can be three different personalities. Some people are a whole different person in front of their partners, only putting the best foot forward to impress them. Here are 3 zodiac signs who are a different personality in front of their significant other.
3 Zodiac signs who are most likely to act differently in front of their partners
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When you find the perfect or the missing piece in your puzzle, you try and look for everything you share in common and connect the dots that led you to them. Often, we overlook the details and make a haste decision because we are so overwhelmed by the feeling of love. Sometimes, your partner tends to woo you with words or actions that seem perfect, things that you see in the movies. However, we forget that falling in love does not mean being attracted to perfection, it is the imperfections that we accept and the chemistry you feel around them. 

Some people hide their flaws out of insecurities while others have a hard exterior that is tough to break in. While getting to know your partner, you might feel that they act differently in front of you and act differently in front of their parents or friends. While this is normal for some people, here are the top 3 zodiac signs who are most likely to behave differently in front of their partners. Check it out.


This zodiac sign has multiple mood swings and personalities that are suited for every situation. They are extremely social one minute and then anti-social the other by staying away and isolated from everyone. They prefer to have a calm exterior, playing it cool. However, they can get triggered by small things and blow things out of proportion very fast. This side of theirs is often hidden from their friends, as only people who are close to them like their lovers get to witness it. Hence, they are the opposite person in front of their partners than they are with their friends. 


Virgos are perfectionists who like being practical and logical in every situation. However, this personality trait goes out of the window when they are caught with their lovers. They act extremely cringe-worthy and are vulnerable with their partners. They don’t show this side to anyone else and neither do they wish. Being vulnerable and romantic is not Virgo’s cup of tea, but they do try to make an effort for their partner which might come as a shocker for their friends. 


Scorpios are the most secretive zodiac sign who have a completely different persona in front of their partners. This zodiac sign is all fun and games until they are seen with their lovers. You will see a stranger who is docile, vulnerable, and shy. Scorpios act differently in front of their partners when they are deeply and truly in love and they also prefer to keep their relationship private for various reasons.

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