4 Famous Bollywood villains as zodiac signs

Bollywood villains are a quintessential and indispensable part of every film. They are the ones who bring thrill and action into any film and are as important as the male and female leads.
Bollywood villains as zodiac signs 4 Famous Bollywood villains as zodiac signs
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Bollywood films are undoubtedly incomplete without a macho hero and a gorgeous heroine. An equally important aspect of Bollywood films is the villain. Bollywood villains are an indispensable part of every film and a crucial part of the storyline. From being hilarious to downright creepy, Bollywood villains never fail to entertain us!

Some iconic Bollywood villains include Gabbar from Sholay, Ajit from Yaadon Ki Baarat and Mogambo from Mr India. We predicted the zodiac signs of some such popular Bollywood villains according to their personality traits. So here are 4 such famous Bollywood villains as zodiac signs.



Gabbar (Sholay)




It is no secret that Gabbar was dominating and a quintessential leader of the pack. He knew how to keep the people under his control and had enough power and influence to scare the entire village. His leadership skills and dominating personality resemble that of Aries-born people. 


Mogambo (Mr India)




From his fancy throne and the blingy clothes to his elaborate secret island and quirky props like the stick, the zodiac sign that this villain resembles the most has to be Virgo. Just like Virgos, he was a fan of everything fancy and wanted nothing but perfection in spite of being the bad guy!

Kancha Cheena (Agneepath)




Kancha Cheena was the quintessential style icon who doesn’t let the evil persona tamper with his sense of style! He was suave, classy and stylish just like a true Taurean. He was sophisticated and was definitely one of the most fashionable Bollywood villains of all time!


Sir Juda (Karz)




Cancerians are witty, funny and hilarious. They come across as friendly but the moment you betray them, they will never forgive you. Similarly, Sir Juda from Karz was also a hilarious villain who was amusing but would turn into the most intimidating person on the planet, if and when you cross the line with him!

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