4 Characters from Bollywood that are most compatible with Taurean women

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Zodiac Signs and Bollywood
4 Characters from Bollywood that are most compatible with Taurean women

Taureans belong to the earth element. These people are grounded, rational, responsible, and reliable. They love to cherish sophisticated materials and luxuriated life. But Taureans hate changes at any cost. It’s a fixed sign that is only comfortable in their own space. So, it becomes very hard for them to get out of them zone and again settle there. So, when it comes to changes, Taureans will avoid it at any cost. So, here 4 heroes of Bollywood that are most compatible with Taurus girls.

Ricky Bahl, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Ricky loves to get lost of money and enjoy a luxuriated life. Though he gets the money by conning, his character quickly changes after falling in love with Ishika Patel (Anushka Sharma). And he genuinely gets serious about her. So, this character is highly compatible with Taurean girls.


Abhimanyu Singh, Student of the Year

Abhimanyu played by Siddharth Malhotra is a highly ambitious character. He worked really hard to get admission to a renowned school. He is focused on his career and serious about his life. But at the same time, they take care of women and treat them with respect. This is what every Taurean girl would always appreciate.

Arjun Burman, Aisha

This character has been played by Abhay Deol. Arjun is grounded, passionate, responsible, intelligent, and rational. All these qualities match with any other Taurean girl.

Aditya Kashyap, Jab We Met

This character played by Shaheed Kapoor is intense yet passionate and serious about love. And the way, he helps Geet to escape from his house to meet his boyfriend, shows his helpful side as well. So, this is another compatible character for Taurean women.


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