4 Heroes of Bollywood movies that are most compatible with Leo women

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4 Heroes of Bollywood movies that are most compatible with Leo women

Leo people are born between July 23 and August 22. The prime feature of their personality is that they are the biggest attention seekers. They always want to be on the spotlight and if they can’t get so, they will go to any extent to be at the center of attention. They have a fiery personality and are bold, courageous. They are the people who don’t want to do the same things like others, they want to go offbeat and do different things. They love to lead, talk, admired and receive praise and respect from everyone. Have you ever thought about that which hero character of Bollywood movies will be best compatible with Leo women? Take a look on this.

Kabir Mehra- Dil Dhadakne Do

Kabir Mehra is one of the catchiest characters in the movie Dil Dhadakne Do. Just like Leos, he is the life of the party. He loves to help people with new ideas to get the love of their life. He never gets tired of being in the centre of attention doing different things while in the cruise. So, this character is highly compatible with Leo women.

Ricky Bahl- Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Ricky Bahl in the movie Ladies vs Ricky Bahl is another compatible hero character with Leo women. In the movie itself, we get to know how Ricky loves to be on the centre of attention and he loves to get admired by women. Apart from his habit of cheating them, his overall personality is compatible a lot with Leo girls.

Bunny Singh- Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

This character complements Leo's travel enthusiastic personality. Bunny Singh is a fun-loving person who wants to travel the whole world, experience new things and meet new people. This is exactly what Leos would love to do. So, this character is also compatible with Leo girls.

Raj Malhotra- Dilwale Dulhania Leh Jayenge

Though a retro character, this personality complements any Leo women in a meticulous way. Raj Malhotra is also the life of the party, who is carefree, witty and fun-loving person. We get several examples in the movie, how Raj creates funny moments with his sarcastic behaviour. But at the same time, he is very caring about others and always there to help anyone. And this is what any Leo women would love to do.

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