4 Iconic comic characters from Bollywood as zodiac signs

Along with all romance, love, pain, and happiness, Bollywood has also given us pure laughter with some of its iconic comedy characters. So, here are 4 comedy characters as zodiac signs.
Comedy Characters as Zodiac Signs 4 Iconic comic characters from Bollywood as zodiac signs
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Bollywood hasn’t only given us love and romance, it has provided us with pure laughter with some of its iconic funny characters. They are not only just witty presenting some funny dialogues in the movie, but they have taken the entire plot of the story forward keeping it interesting. These characters have proven that comedy or making someone laugh is not an easy job. So, here are some iconic comedy characters of Bollywood as zodiac signs.

Kanji Lalji Mehta as Capricorn

Kanji, played by Paresh Rawal, is not just a comedy character of OMG-Oh My God, he is the lead character of the movie who speaks fluent sarcasm to prove his point. He is extremely rational person who doesn’t believe in god and is always able to prove his conception. When his store got ruined due to the earthquake, he went too far to prove that it’s an act of god and nobody was able to say anything against his logic. These are all Capricorn traits, so this character can be considered a Capri.

Dr. Aditya Shrivastav as Sagittarian

Again, the lead character of Bhool Bhulaiya, Aditya, played by Akshay Kumar, comes to India all the way from London just to do the treatment of one of his friend’s family member. Apart from being a psychologist, he seems to be adventurous, funny, witty. He doesn’t only solve the case in the movie, but his presence, dialogues and gestures made the movie interesting. And considering all of his traits, he can be portrayed as a Sagittarius person.

Lilaram as Libran

Lilaram, played by Paresh Rawal in Malamal Weekly, is highly intelligent, diplomatic, analytical and a good conversationalist. Lilaram gets a unique way of winning lottery and get the money of it. Along with that, he also doesn’t want to get involved in any conflict and that’s why he always speaks to someone diplomatically when he wants something from them. All of these traits define a Libra person.

Radheshyam Tiwari as Virgo

This character, played by Paresh Rawal in Hungama, is a hardworking person who has built his own business and is a complete family-oriented person. And he is also meticulous and concerned about his image. All of these traits belong to a Virgo person.

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