4 Mistakes that Aquarius make in a relationship

Here are four relationship mistakes made by Aquarius.

Updated on May 19, 2022 12:06 PM IST  |  436.7K
4 Mistakes that Aquarius make in a relationship
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Being a fixed sign, Aquarians are usually ready to commit, stay put in relationships, and make space for their partners. The typical Aquarius seeks a best friend with whom they can share their experiences. But often they appreciate taking time and space for themselves. Every minor disagreement in a relationship can quickly escalate into a heated argument instead of compromising and working together to solve the problem. Aquarians love to prove their point and flaunt their intellectual superiority.

In order to maintain a harmonious working relationship with your Aquarius partner, you must be aware of the following four mistakes.

emotionally isolated

1. Appearing emotionally isolated

Aquarians love to spend their time alone stepping back from reality and thinking about the bigger picture instead. Because their minds are constantly elsewhere, learning to stay in one place in the present moment is a significant challenge for them. Because of this trait, their partner might consider them emotionless and aloof.

friends over love

2. Putting friendship over love

Friendship is more important to most Aquarians than love and passion. This way they need an understanding partner who accepts them for how they are. Being a social sign, they are more likely to be involved in community activities and social groups in general, all of which can add spice to romantic relationships. However, sometimes they fail to strike a balance between their social and love life.

3. Applying logic to love

It's not unusual for someone dating an Aquarius to feel as if they're dating an emotionless rock. It doesn’t mean that they don’t actually love you. They're simply very logical, and emotions make them uncomfortable. They start finding a logical solution to every problem. They will have more fun in relationships if they let their feelings flow rather than always trying to make logical sense of them. 


4. Always overthinking about future

These people place a lot of focus on what is about to happen in the near future. Aquarians have a tendency to focus on what is yet to come, so it is critical that they do not become trapped in a looping cycle of future-tripping with their partners or obsessing over what might happen.

Aquarius has equally high hopes in love. Arguments should not separate you from your partner. If your partner wins that argument, you should also consider their needs.

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