4 Most romantic Bollywood scenes that you should rewatch

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 4 Most romantic Bollywood scenes that you should rewatch
4 Most romantic Bollywood scenes that you should rewatch

Whenever you want to watch larger-than-life, fairytale romance, you can always rely on Bollywood. Bollywood has given us films that have just the perfect setting, background music and situation when the hero finally realises his love for the heroine or vice versa. During such romantic scenes, everything is in slow motion and the wind starts blowing from every direction! 


Although there are tons of films in Bollywood that have romantic scenes that are worth rewatching, we have made a curated list of the 4 most memorable and iconic romantic scenes from Bollywood films. Have a look at the films below.


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


We all are too familiar with the scene, wherein it starts raining in a summer camp in Shimla and Anjali and Rahul take shelter under a gazebo. When suddenly Rahul asks Anjali for a dance. To which she replies by saying “no music” and Rahul magically creates music with his fingers!


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham


There is this scene in this film just before the song “Suraj Hua Madhham” begins. In this scene, both Anjali and Rahul are roaming around in a fair in Chandni Chowk. Anjali sees a bunch of bangles and starts trying them on when Rahul helps her by slowly putting each bangle into her hand. He repeatedly asks her if the bangles are hurting by saying, “Chhubh toh nahi raha?” and confesses his feelings for her!


Dil Toh Pagal Hai


This iconic film has many romantic scenes. Undoubtedly, the most romantic scene of them all is when Rahul and Pooja are at a friend’s wedding and Pooja loses her bangle. Rahul tells her that it’s with him and asks her to come close to him if she wants the bangle. He keeps saying “Aur paas” till Pooja is close enough for him to confess his love for her.


Devdas (2002)


When Dev returns from London and Paro comes to meet him at his place, Paro very innocently asks him if he missed her. To this, Dev cheekily replies that he didn’t miss her at all. He then says that he did in fact, miss her on one occasion. This occasion he says, was whenever he took a breath!


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