4 Precautions you must take for a stress free pandemic with your toddler according to Dr Prashanth Gowda

The pandemic has kept all of us on our toes when it comes to keeping a hygiene check and maintaining safety standards. It is essential for babies and toddlers to keep safe who are most prone to catching coronavirus. Let us look at some of the precautions shared by medical expert Dr Prashanth Gowda that you can follow to keep your toddlers safe in the second wave of the pandemic.
baby 4 Precautions you must take for a stress free pandemic with your toddler according to Dr Prashanth Gowda
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The second wave of the pandemic is here and it doesn’t get any better. Unfortunately, the cases are still on the rise and while it is taking time for the vaccine to get evenly distributed among the entire population of the world, it is imperative to maintain safety standards, stay at home and follow all the necessary precautions shared by the medical team.

We got a chance to speak with Dr Prashanth Gowda who is a consultant Neonatologist and Pediatrician at Motherhood Hospitals.

The entry of a new-born is a turning point for all parents; however, the anxiety levels have increased many folds considering the pandemic situation. Parents must adapt to a completely new role of taking care of the new-born, who are still very delicate and prone to diseases as their immune system is weak and needs time to develop.

Here are the tips for taking precautions amidst the pandemic for newborns and toddlers

Breastfeeding: The World Health Organisation has reported that there is still no evidence of the virus being transmitted through breast milk. In fact, WHO recommends that mothers with suspected or confirmed infection should initiate and continue to breastfeed their babies as the benefits of breastfeeding outweighs the risk of transmission.

Vaccinations: It may be tempting to postpone the scheduled vaccinations during these times of frequent lockdowns to protect yourself and your baby from the risk of infection, but remember there are numerous other diseases out there that can affect your baby.

Physical distancing: Keep the number of visitors at your home to a bare minimum. Whenever you take your baby or toddlers out care must be taken on social distancing as this can prevent the transmission of covid.

Meticulous hand and respiratory hygiene: Every caregiver of the baby and toddlers must follow proper hand and respiratory hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, wearing a mask and keeping at least 4 feet distance from the kid is important. Always sneeze into a tissue and wash your hands after. 

What if you develop symptoms? In case the mother or father develop symptoms that could indicate possible Covid-19 infection, the immediate step is isolation. Stay away from your kids and get yourself tested.

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