4 Reasons why Pisces are the most difficult to understand

here are 4 reasons why Pisces are the most difficult to understand.

Updated on Mar 23, 2022 04:56 AM IST  |  600.2K
4 Reasons why Pisces are the most difficult to understand
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The sign of Pisces is the most complicated of the bunch. This sign is psychic, sensitive, emotional, creative and selfless, but it may also be sullen, chilly and dependent. Pisces is known as a fish for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they are so quick to move with the flow that it can be difficult to completely comprehend where they are heading at times. As the most flexible sign of the zodiac, there are several reasons why Pisces is believed to be the most difficult sign of the zodiac to comprehend. 

So, if you're having trouble figuring out who your Pisces bestie is, here we give you 4 reasons to break it down.

think clearly

1. Only when they're alone can they think clearly

Pisces need time alone to ponder and recharge because they are readily influenced by the world and the people around them. Sensitive individuals like Pisces are mental sponges, and they value solitude above everything else. But don't misinterpret it; they still care about you. They can't show up for you unless they show up for themselves first.

2. Empathy is driving their force 

Empathy can motivate Pisces to accomplish things they would not have done otherwise. They are acutely aware of other people's suffering, and it is often the only thing that motivates them to improve themselves. The disadvantage is that they may mistake other people's emotions for their own. 


3. They need motivation to get started

They have enormous dreams, but they aren't really motivated. It's difficult for them to begin new initiatives, and even more difficult for them to complete them. Pisces prefers to talk about all the things they want to do rather than actually doing them. This is why Pisces need a strong support system that encourages them to achieve their dreams.

over sensitive

4. They are oversensitive

With Pisces, words hurt deep, so be careful how you speak to them because they will remember it. Pisceans value honesty and empathy above all else, so return the generosity they show you. They're like sponges, soaking up the energy of those around them, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Pisces people will be OK once they learn to protect their energy.

Whatever the case may be, this sign is the most sensitive of the zodiac signs, possessing the purest heart and spirit.

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