4 Signs she is a gold digger

Updated on Aug 03, 2021 09:24 AM IST  |  143.7K
4 Signs she is a gold digger

There can be times when you think it’s true love but in fact, it is just a relationship based on your wealth. There are many people who are gold diggers and who only date you or show interest in you after checking your bank balance. For them, money is the most important thing in life and is the only thing that matters.

Such people build a relationship with you only with the sole purpose of using or taking your money and wealth. They don’t have any emotional attachment with you. So if you think that you are in a relationship with someone who is a gold digger and is only after your money, then look out for these 4 signs.

They only become happy when you give them expensive gifts. For such people, it is not the thought that counts but the cost of the gift that matters.

Sure, they may tell you that they will definitely pay you back, but they never do. You are the one paying for their expensive taste and for those fancy lunches and dinners.

If you tell them that you are facing a financial crunch, they will get very nervous and anxious and will bog you down with questions about your financial situation.

They are obsessed with status. They want nothing but the best and always are after your life to take them with you to those high-class elite parties and luncheons.

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Anonymous : WTF this is so sexist, men are gold diggers too
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