4 SIMPLE ways to start a conversation with an old friend over text

Want to reconnect with an old friend over text but don’t know how? Then try these conversation-starters to revive your friendship.
4 SIMPLE ways to start a conversation with an old friend over text 4 SIMPLE ways to start a conversation with an old friend over text
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Hectic schedules and a busy lifestyle can make you lose touch with some people. Preoccupied with being stuck in the rat race and following the same old routine, it can get difficult to take time out to text someone every other day. So if you have lost touch with an old friend and want to strike up a conversation, then we are here to help you out

We have for you some easy ways in which you can easily start a conversation with an old friend or acquaintance over text without letting things get awkward!

1. “Hi, it’s been a really long time since we talked! How are you doing?”

You can simply acknowledge how long it has been since you talked as this will make them aware that you were conscious of it. Saying a simple “hi” is better than explaining why you lost touch with them, as whatever explanation you give to them will not be convincing enough. 

2. “Remember when...”

Since they are an old friend of yours, it is natural you two must be having a lot of fond memories, be it of high school or college. You can always use this as a conversation starter and simply text them about a fond memory or event.

3.  Send them a meme

Memes are a great way to start a conversation with someone without putting much thought into it. A hilarious meme is enough for you to overcome the period when you two lost touch and reconnect with them.

4. “Hi, how are you doing?”

Don’t think too much and overcomplicate things. If you want to text them, then whatever you say to them will be enough for you to have a conversation.  Even if it as simple as “hi”. You checking up on them will be more than enough for you to revive your friendship with them.

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