A 4 step pampering session for your precious dog in the comfort of your home

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Pampering your precious dog in the comfort of your home
A 4 step pampering session for your precious dog in the comfort of your home

Due to their heavy fur, canines are prone to dry skin and a spate of skin conditions that need to be closely monitored and treated in time. Hence, even if your dog spends most of his time indoors, a well-planned pampering session can never go amiss. Right from oatmeal baths to tick and flea treatment, this guide details ways that you can give your dog some much-needed tender love and care in just four steps from the comfort of your home.


  1. Give him a gentle massage to reduce stress and anxiety

While dogs are often extremely happy when you’re around them, they do tend to mope around when you leave for work. Giving your pooch a nice massage once you’re home can do wonders for their stress levels because animals do experience separation anxiety. Remember not to massage him with the intensity you’d use while massaging another human. A gentler technique is critical for your dog and it will also help transport them to a calmer and more submissive state.


  1. Draw him a lovely oatmeal bath

Whether your dog has had itchy skin lately or has simply been shedding fur, an oatmeal bath can do wonders for his skin. All you need to do is grind a couple of cups of dry oats in your blender and then mix the powdered oats into lukewarm water for your puppy’s bath. Make your dog soak in the oatmeal and water-filled tub for at least 10 minutes to let the scrub soothe his itchy fur. Then wash it all off and towel dry your pooch.

pampering your dog at home

  1. Opt for tick treatment

If you have been worrying about any inflammation or redness on your dog’s skin, then it may be time for tick treatment. Fleas and ticks tend to bite dogs and settle on their skin. This could also cause tick fever which could be dangerous for your animal. Hence timely canine care with flea and tick treatment products that your vet suggests is critical.


  1. Use a medicated shampoo

In case your dog has a skin condition, you may want to give him a bath with a medicated shampoo. Simply cut your dog’s fur in the areas where the skin is sore or peeling and then gently bathe your pooch. You must have your vet recommend the right medicated shampoo for your puppy. However, many of these comprise antiseptics that treat as well as clean the wound. 

pampering dogs at home

Whether you have a pooch who sheds his coat a couple of times a year or one with a very thin coat of fur, use this skin-care plan to treat your furry friend to a lovely pampering session!

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