4 TELLTALE signs you are a stationery lover

Who doesn’t love stationery? But there are some people who are low key obsessed with it and can’t help but hoard as much of it as they can! Look out for these 4 signs if you think you are one of them!
4 TELLTALE signs you are a stationery lover
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Does your heart beat faster when you see scented markers? Do you hoard all sort of notebooks? Do you feel like the world is a better place when you shop for pens and washi tapes? If yes, then chances are that you are a stationery addict, just like the most of us!

Stationery is something that we all love! No matter how many notebooks we have, we can’t help but buy more! From markers to colour pencils to glitter pens, we obsess over them all and buy them even when we know we don’t need them! So have a look at these telltale signs to know if you are obsessed with stationery, just like us!

You have tons and tons of untouched notebooks

Are you too familiar with a whole cupboard being full of untouched notebooks that you bought simply because you found them pretty? If yes, then you are definitely a hardcore stationery addict!

Your heart starts racing at the thought of coloured pens

Sure black, blue, green and red gel pens are nice. But your heart is sure to jump a beat when you see pink, purple and orange pens with a hint of glitter in them!

You live for Post-its

Your study table is filled with Post-its at all possible corners. From having to remind you to clean your cupboard, to having one to remind you of your pending assignments, you have a Post-it for every purpose!

You have a sticker for EVERYTHING

You have tons of stickers that you use for practically every little thing. You have a calendar full of stickers and are guilty of buying those teen diaries that are filled with cute and colourful stickers!

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