4 Things to keep in mind while getting yourself clicked

Updated on Jul 24, 2021 12:14 PM IST  |  87.1K
4 Things to keep in mind while getting yourself clicked


So you are out with friends and you want to get a picture clicked to capture this moment,  you get yourself clicked and after seeing the pictures, you realize that you somehow look awkward, tight, and weird in all the shots! Looking picture-perfect is no child’s play. You need to know the right angles and make the right poses to look good in a picture.


Most of us are familiar with the feeling when we get ready and see ourselves in the mirror and can't help but admire our beauty, but when we get ourselves clicked we somehow don't look just as good. So if you want to look good in every picture, then follow these 4 tips given below.



Be yourself


Most of us tend to get nervous when the camera points at us. So don't get all tight and conscious and be yourself while getting yourself clicked. Be natural and don't pretend to be someone else to get a good picture.


Keep moving


Don't stand type in this one position and keep moving to get candid shots. Play with your hands or tilt your head to avoid looking forced and awkward.


Play with your hair


Most of us struggle to not make our hands look awkward while getting clicked. So to keep your hands busy and not let them hang on your side, play with your hair to get natural shots and also look glamorous and attractive.



Don’t smile in all the pictures


We have this habit of smiling as soon as the camera points towards us. Try to make more expressions and ditch the cliched smile. You can pout or simply open your mouth slightly to give a soft smile instead of a wide grin.


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