4 Tips on managing screen time for your kids during the pandemic by Harpreet Suri

Harpreet Suri, a famous mom blogger shares exclusive tips on how to manage screen time for your kids, especially during the pandemic when kids are at home. Find out more.
kids mom 4 Tips on managing screen time for your kids during the pandemic by Harpreet Suri
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Truth be told, mobile phones, iPads, and computers have made it slightly easier to keep our kids occupied. Mumma knows she needs that time! However, since the pandemic’s outbreak, our reliance on the internet and technology has taken a leap ahead, and with online classes, our children’s whole day shifted to the virtual world.

As much as we love having them in front of our eyes all the time while they tick tack their way onto the devices, excessive exposure to technology’s hazardous side can be a daunting thought. As a parent, it is on us to ensure that while our babies receive the best of education and experience of the e-world. They are safe from all sorts of ill waves of the net. Not only excessive screen time puts a load on their budding intellectual curiosity, but it also strains their body, especially their eyes, exposing them to several potential issues. It goes notwithstanding the effects of blue light on their delicate eyes. If you’re wondering how I limit screen time for my little bundles of joys, here’s what I do.

The mirror effect

Home is where the learning begins. Our children are more receptive to changes and are far better observant than us. First things first, you have to set a good example with your own device usage. If they see us spending too much time on our phones or laptops, they would also imitate these gestures themselves. Kids tend to mirror everything that the adults around them do. So if I pick a book, I know my daughter would also pick one.

Educate them

We need to understand that our kids are far smarter than we give them credit for. I have always been a big advocate of keeping communication transparent with everyone, my children are no exception. If I feel that they need to use their screen time wisely and for a limited time, I sit them down and explain to them why. I tell them its ill effects on their eye health while encouraging them to invest that time in their hobbies. Keeping our child busy should not come at the cost of risking their health. To keep them occupied is also no cakewalk. With my kids, I encourage them to pick hobbies, spend time with them outdoors, and always maintain healthy communication. That’s the key. 

Let them choose

It’s always better to let your kids make their own decisions from the list of options that are acceptable to you. My kids and I have mutually come to an agreement on the numbers of hours for screen time. We have discussed that this would be only accepted if they dedicate two hours of physical time doing activities they like. It gives them authority over their decisions and they feel more responsible and are more likely to follow the rules since they made the choice.

Set some ground rules

While it may sound all fun and easy, as a parent it needs no explaining that it’s not always easy to take away their phones or to cut a deal. I believe in inculcating discipline in every aspect of life, hence, as fun a mother I may be, I play by the rules. We have set some ground rules and we have discussed the consequences. In my home, we don’t use mobiles at the dinner table. It has to be just us, and it applies to every member of the family. Likewise, small tweaks are also necessary. For example, all board games are to be played on board and not online.

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