4 Upcoming Korean dramas to look forward to in June 2020

Updated on Jun 09, 2020 12:07 PM IST  |  12.5M
4 Upcoming Korean dramas to look forward to in June 2020
4 Upcoming Korean dramas to look forward to in June 2020

The pandemic left us confined in our homes and we have turned to movies and television to keep us company. Not only does it distract us from what’s happening around us, but it has definitely introduced some of us to the new world of dramas. Korean dramas have interesting storylines, plot twists (sometimes a little predictable, but that’s okay) and amazing actors.

May brought us lots of Korean drama premiers. From an adventure featuring doppelgangers to a South Korean heiress landing in North Korea, the past few months witnessed some of the biggest shows with some of the biggest names in the south Korean entertainment industry. Well, you better gear up for all the K-drama fun in the upcoming month. 

Here are 4 K-dramas we’re anticipating to air in June. 

My Unfamiliar Family

Starring Han Ye Ri, Kim Ji Suk, Chu Ja Hyun, Shin Jae Ha tells the story of the relationships and misunderstandings between a family who are like strangers and strangers who are like family. This show aired on June 1 and it is available on Viki to watch. 

Backstreet Rookie

One of the most anticipated dramas starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung, Backstreet Rookie is all set to air on June 12. The show follows the story of a convenience store owner and his quirky part-time employer. It is based on a popular webtoon “Convenience Store Saet-byul.” 

In-SEOUL: Season 2 

In- SEOUL’s second season will air on June 12. It will pick up from where it left off in the first season. Since the relationship between the lead and her mother was well received by the audience, season 2 will delve more into their relationship along with a new plot. 

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay/ Psycho but it’s okay 

It is a romantic drama starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji. The story follows the relationship of a worker at a psychiatric ward and an anti-social but popular children book’s writer. The show is set to air on June 20 on Netflix. 

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