4 Ways to deal with toxic behaviour

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4 Ways to deal with toxic behaviour

Sure everyone wants to have a happy and uncomplicated life. They want a healthy relationship with the people in their life. But most of the time, this is far from the truth. No matter how much one tries to resist, everyone has to deal with toxic people at some point or the other in their lives.

Toxic people are those who manipulate you and make you feel less about yourself. The goal of their life is to create drama and they somehow bring instability wherever they go. So if you're having to deal with toxic people, then follow the 4 ways given below to handle their behaviour.


Don’t get influenced


Toxic people like gossiping about others and spreading rumours. At times, just to create drama, they may give you false information or mislead you. So avoid getting influenced by them and don't take their words too seriously.


Keep your distance


Avoid getting too close to toxic people as they will only do you more harm than good. Try your best to maintain your distance from them without being rude or offensive. If and when you're talking to them, set boundaries and don't let them cross their limits with you.

Don’t try to fix them


You may have the urge to try to talk to them about their issues and feelings to find out the reason behind the toxic behaviour, but avoid this temptation of fixing their behaviour. Sure, be compassionate and empathetic, but don't invest a lot in them.


Don’t lose your calm


When dealing with toxic people, it can be very easy for you to lose your calm, and this is exactly what they want. So try to maintain your calm and composure by dealing with them in an impersonal way and not letting their behaviour affect you.


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