4 Ways to mend a Virgo's broken heart after a breakup

Here are four methods for healing a Virgo's emotions after a split.

Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Published on Oct 10, 2022 | 02:01 PM IST | 1.2M
Virgo zodiac sign

Passion and the notion of a 'perfect' connection are common motivators in Virgo relationships. And they could end up sad when their inflated expectations cause them harm. These earth signs struggle to let go after a breakup since they are highly emotional and vulnerable. They have a hard time accepting the reality or reason that their love story has come to an end and that it is now time for them to move on. They might even start asking a ton of questions, visualizing every possible situation and all the things they wish they'd done differently. But happily, there are ways to mend a Virgo heart that has been broken.

Check out these 4 ways to heal a crushed Virgo’s heart.


Good food

1. Treat them to good food

Beyond possessing a genuine need for comfort, Virgos have the best taste, making them the zodiac's ultimate foodies. A decent meal can truly improve their attitude, especially during the difficult days after a breakup. They would frequently get overindulged on their favourite pizza or a dish of ice cream to lift themselves out of sadness.


Self help books to read

2. Self-help books to read

Virgos are realistic but also meticulous, which makes them avid readers. Reading is one of Virgos' favourite pastimes because of their innate attention to detail. Therefore, especially during difficult times, people would desire to study every book on dating advice and self-help that could assist them escape their miserable situation. Reading is the ideal mental workout for Virgos since they love to evaluate, distinguish, and decipher everything they encounter.



Gardening for soul

3. Let them indulge in gardening

A Virgo does well with gardening and nature therapy. Virgo is eager to learn everything there is to know about gardening, including when and what to sow, how to deal with pests, watering techniques, and garden designs. They would be able to diverge themselves for the best of their mental health if they spent time in nature and gardening throughout a breakup. They adore the outdoors, and gardening not only refreshes them but also allows them to pause for a moment to take in its splendour.

4. Let them write their heart out

One of Virgo's primary strengths is writing, yet amid a heartbreak, writing will turn into their biggest adversary. They'll be fixated on every word they write. Virgos have a talent for language, and when they write, they always choose the most precise and detailed phrases to make their point. Therefore, when a Virgo is experiencing a heartbreak, putting their feelings into songs, poems, stories, etc., gives them relief and a means to express themselves.

A breakup severely hurts a Virgo, and they become stubborn about not trying again. Just in case, they should only give their lover a second chance once in a blue moon. Avoid letting it disappear once more!

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