4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Huma Qureshi

Updated on Jul 15, 2021 12:44 PM IST  |  146.2K
Zodiac signs compatible with Leo

Huma Saleem Qureshi started working as a theatre actor and model and then moved to Mumbai to work on television commercials. She caught Anurag Kashyap’s attention in one of the commercials and then he signed her for Gangs of Wasseypur. Apart from Bollywood films, Qureshi has also worked in several OTT productions like Leila.

Huma Qureshi is a Leo as she was born on July 28, 1986. Leos have a fiery personality and these people are social, party freak, shopaholic, explorer and intelligent. Leos always want to have all the attention from others and never want to lose it. And they will put all efforts to have the spotlight every time irrespective of the situation. These people want to try offbeat things and gather new knowledge. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Huma Qureshi.


Aries is the fellow sign of Leo with the similar qualities. Aries people are risk takers and want to try new and adventurous things to make their life interesting. So, together they make a great pair as Leos also never say no to try different things.


Gemini belongs to the air element and people of this sign are intelligent, social, good conversationalists. But they easily get bored of anything so they keep trying new things in life to make their life happening. Together, Gemini and Leo make a blissful relationship as Leos will always give efforts to get Gemini’s attention and hence they will not get bored of each other.


The fellow zodiac sign Sagittarius again comes with a fiery personality like Leo people. They love to explore, travel, meet new people, and do adventure. They are the life of the party who love to socialise and Leos are quite similar to Sagis. So, together they create a happy and strong bonding.


Libra is an air sign who are also social, good conversationalist, intelligent, confident people. They are the balancing zodiac sign who create a blissful relationship with Leos as they do several things at a time to get attention, but Librans bring the balance to it.

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