4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Radhika Madan

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Zodiac signs compatible with Radhika Madan

Radhika is a Taurean for being born on May 1, 1995. Taureans are rational, hardworking, intelligent, dependable, reliable, dedicated and stubborn personality. The most common feature of this sign is that its people are the most stubborn of all. But at the same time, they love to lead a lavish life surrounded by sophisticated materialistic things. So, here are 4 zodiac signs most compatible with Radhika Madan.


Pisces is the water sign and the people belonging to it are dreamy, imaginative, romantic, intuitive and sensitive people. Though they make a great pair together with Taureans as Pisceans are very loyal to their commitment, they get to learn to be realistic in life with their Taurean partners.


Cancer is again water sign and its people are nurturing, extremely emotional, sensitive, loyal and compassionate people. It’s a blissful relationship when Cancerians and Taureans are together and they both give some lessons to each other. Taureans learn to be homely and nurturing to their loved ones from Cancer people, and Cancerians learn to be logical in life.


Virgos are practical, analytical, hardworking, loyal, reliable, faithful and dedicated people. The fellow zodiac sign, when in relationship with Taurean, together they a create a wonderful bonding and appreciate each other’s effort.


Capris, again the fellow zodiac sign of Taureans, are hardworking, focused, dedicated, practical, organised and loyal people. So, both Taureans and Capricorns create a peaceful relationship where they both put in equal effort. But the stubbornness of Taurean people may sometimes irritate Capricorns.

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