4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Shraddha Kapoor

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Zodiac signs compatible with Pisces

Shraddha Kapoor, the daughter of popular actor Shakti Kapoor, is one of the most influential stars and one of the most followed Indian actresses. She has been considered as one of the highest-paid actors as well. Shraddha did her first film in 2010 named Teen Patti, but she got her fame with her third movie Aashiqui 2 in 2013. Later, she has been seen in many movies like Haider, Ek Villain, ABCD 2, Baaghi, Saaho, Chhichhore, Stree etc. 

Kapoor is a Piscean personality being born on March 3, 1987. Pisceans are dreamy, intuitive, emotional, sensitive, romantic and loyal people. They love to live in their own imaginative world. These people are born poets and have a strong power of imagination. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Shraddha Kapoor. 


The fellow zodiac sign of Pisces, Cancer is the best compatible sign as people of this star are also overly emotional, intuitive, romantic, compassionate, and empathetic. They can complement, take care of, and create great chemistry with each other.


Again, the fellow zodiac sign Scorpio is compatible with Pisceans, Scorpions are intense and passionate people who give their 100 percent effort in a relationship being completely attached with their partners from all aspects. And they demand the same level of commitment from their partners which can only be possible by Pisceans.  


Virgo is an earth sign and water and earth elements can go well together and they are both female signs which make their bonding even stronger. Virgos are analytical, disciplined, practical, and perfectionist people, on the other hand, Pisceans are emotional, romantic, and dreamy people. They both compliment each other- Virgo learns from Pisceans how to be romantic and compassionate and Pisceans learn to be disciplined, hardworking and logical from them.


Taureans are romantic people who will never think twice before giving their full commitment to a relationship. They like to enjoy a lavish lifestyle and don’t like any changes in their surroundings. So, all of these traits are well balanced with Pisceans.

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