4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Taapsee Pannu

Updated on Jul 04, 2021 03:54 PM IST  |  206.3K
Zodiac signs compatible with Leo

Badla, Naam Shabana, Mulk, The Ghazi Attack, Manmarziyaan, Mission Mangal, Saand Ki Aankh, Soorma etc. are some of the popular movies which Taapsee Pannu has been seen in. She is one of the finest actresses who has proved her powerful acting skill through different characters.

Taapsee is a Leo personality being born on August 1, 1987. Leo people are the biggest attention seekers of all who generally thrive on having the entire spotlight irrespective of the situation. They are bold, social, good conversationalist, intelligent, offbeat, carefree and the life of the party. The biggest party freaks would easily be compatible with any fire and air signs. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Taapsee Pannu.


Gemini belongs to the air element and the people of this sign are intelligent, social, good conversationalists. But they easily get bored of anything so they need new things in life every now and then to make their life entertained. Together, Gemini and Leo make a blissful relationship as Leos will always give efforts to get Gemini’s attention.


The fellow zodiac sign Sagittarius again comes with a fiery personality like Leos. They love to explore, travel to new places, gain new experiences, do adventure and meet new people. They are the life of the party who loves to socialise. So, these people are highly compatible with Leos as they both live in the moment.


Aries is the fellow sign of Leo who have similar qualities like confidence, bold and courage. Along with that, these people are risk-takers and want to try new and adventurous things to make their life interesting. So, together they make a great pair as both Leos and Aries people put full efforts to make the relationship entertaining.


The air sign Librans are also social, good conversationalists, intelligent, and confident. They are the balancing zodiac sign. So, Leos constant effort to get attention and Libran’s attempt to bring balance neutralises well.

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