4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Tara Sutaria

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Zodiac signs compatible with Tara Sutaria
Zodiac signs compatible with Tara Sutaria

Tara Sutaria has worked in many sitcom shows in the initial stage of her career and then she ventured into films with her first movie Student of the Year 2 where she played the role of a college student. Later, she was seen in Marjaavaan opposite of Siddharth Malhotra.

Tara was born on November 19, 1995 which makes her a Scorpion personality. Scorpions are intense, secretive, ambitious, and jealous people. They are also very loyal and vindictive to some extent. They always expect equality in transparency for relationship and get furious when et hurt. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Tara Sutaria.


Cancer is the fellow zodiac sign of Scorpio and people of this star sign are compassionate, intuitive, emotional and sensitive. But they are loyal, and nurturing people who like to go beyond their limit to serve their loved ones. Romantic Cancerians are always appreciated by Scorpions.



Just like the secretive personality of Scorpions, Virgos also like to keep their personal life private. Their hardworking and motivated attitude are always appreciated by Scorpions. Virgos are family-oriented people which helps these two people make a great pair.


Scorpions love to see their partners giving a lot of efforts to the relationship to make it work and Taureans are one of them. They are romantic and loyal people who know how to keep their partner happy and that’s why they are highly appreciated by their Scorpion partners.



Belonging to the earth element, Capricorn is another female zodiac sign like Scorpio. Just like Scorpions, Capris are dedicated, driven and hardworking people which is why Scorpions are always attracted to them and together they make a great pair.

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