4 Zodiac signs as the main character from Sex And The City

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Zodiac signs as the main character from Sex & The City

Sex And The City is the most iconic show of all time, bringing alive the reel life characters in real life as well to have a deeper connection with. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are the main characters of the show who are best friends living in the dynamic New York City, going through ups and downs in life together.

Astrology is a fun way to depict our lives and our behaviour pattern. If you would like to know which character do you resemble the most to, here are 4 zodiac signs as main characters from the show:

Aries - Samantha Jones

Moody, bold, confident and fierce, Samatha is a true depiction of an Aries and she slays during the entire show with her bold and confident dressing style. She is the powerhouse that you cannot mess with. She is loud and proud about herself and doesn’t shy away from showing her true character.

Gemini - Carrie Bradshaw

In the world of Gemini and Carrie Bradshaw are two similarities, change is the only thing that is constant and loads of street style fashion to take inspiration from. Carrie Bradshaw is constantly juggling between her one true love and her multiple flings simultaneously. She is the symbol of fashion aesthetics in the late 90s and truly a trend setter. 

Virgo - Charlotte

Charlotte is a typical Virgo as she too likes things to be done a certain way that portrays perfection. She loves retail therapy as much as Virgo does. A chance to go out on a coffee date with friends for a quick gossip session and the willingness to welcome change as you evolve are all qualities of Virgo.

Libra - Miranda Hobbes

The smarty pants of the group, Miranda has to be the Libra. She is witty, smart, funny and one of the nicest when it comes to giving advice and doing what is right. She has a high self-conscious and a sense of self-righteousness that is unmatched by any other female member of the SATC squad.


Anonymous : Hahha Carrie is more of a scorpio. Who does a mistake and takes accountability to it.
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Anonymous : I disagree , Carrie is Libra af .
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