4 Zodiac signs of those who like the chase

Chasing someone to get them to date gives a thrill and satisfaction to some people who enjoy a good challenge when it comes to dating or hookups. They like the mystery and the fact someone is taking time to say yes to them. Here are 5 zodiac signs who like the chase.
4 Zodiac signs of those who like the chase
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These kind of people are up for a good challenge, it creates mystery in their lives and gives them an ego boost that they want to please themselves with after knowing they have impressed you enough to date them. These people like the chase so much so that they might just lose interest in you if you give in easily or if you are someone who can easily get impressed.

It’s almost like an addiction for them to get somebody to date who playing hard to get. For them, everything seems exciting until they are done chasing them and you give in. After that, things become monotonous and predictable and it might just be that they fall out of love eventually.  So, the more you make them wait and play hard to get, the more they will want you and fall in love with you.

Check out the 5 zodiac signs who love the chase and chasing someone hard to get.


These people are wild and are up for a good challenge in all aspects of life. They prefer someone hard to get and love to chase that person to make sure they get them. Once they set their mind to something or someone, they make sure they get them. People belonging to this zodiac sign don’t shy away from confessing their feelings or making the first move. 


Leos are aware of their charming persona and the effect they have on people, it is almost impossible to ignore a Leo at a social gathering. However, when someone does not notice a Leo, they notice them the most and wonder why is that. Leos are always up for a challenge and prefer someone who plays hard to get and does not get impressed easily just to please their ego.


Aries is another fire sign who loves the chase and takes it as a challenge. They are good at playing mind games and want someone who is the best in a crowded room even if they might have to go through fire for them. They like the mystery and prefer things to be unpredictable else they might get bored.


People belonging to this zodiac sign are mostly into hookups and they rarely get serious for someone. Falling in love is a myth to them and they prefer a good challenge when it comes to dating. They like to keep things exciting, passionate, intriguing conversations that will stimulate their minds. It comes to their surprise when someone says no to their proposal and will never back down if they are really into you.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Being a gemini I agree with the point that we never back down when we are really into someone. But by personal experience, I would rather prefer serious relationship rather than hookups

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

Absolutely correct