4 Zodiac signs who like to always ghost people without any reason

Ghosting is when you end all communication with someone without any reason and giving any explanation. Find out which 4 zodiac signs like to ghost people in the astrological chart.
4 Zodiac signs who like to always ghost people without any reason
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When someone ghosts you then the person suddenly ends the relationship with you without even giving a single explanation. They stop all kinds of communication and vanish from your life. Ghosting generally happens during dating, especially after the first date.

But people may also ghost their friends and other closed ones by ending communication with them. So, here are 4 zodiac signs who often like to ghost others without any reason.

Zodiac signs who like to ghost people:


Aquarius people often get detached from their friends and family and stop talking to them for several months. It may seem like ghosting, but they don’t do it intentionally. They are just busy with their life and like to stay aloof from everything.


These day-dreamers are always busy in their own dream and imaginative world. So, it is very normal to get ghosted by them. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like you. They like you a lot but hate to get pushed for anything. If you insist them constantly for something, they will immediately ghost you.


Virgos always have a detached vibe when it comes to others which may make you feel that they don’t like you. But no matter how much they like you, they will always carry their detached vibes and heavily guarded nature. So, just go with the flow and never push them hard. If you push them too much, get ready to get ghosted.


It is normal to get ghosted by Geminis.  These people always live in the moment and don’t like to think about the future that much and they easily get bored as well. So, if this week they are having a great time with you, the next week they will vanish completely.

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Anonymous 4 days ago

Yes this is true My sister is aquarius and she likes doing this

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

uh there was only 2 zodiacs not 4

Anonymous 1 month ago

im aquarius im bored and lazy talk to people

Anonymous 1 month ago

i'm Aquarius and sometimes my life becomes messy and i should stay away from people so i can fix it or i'm busy thinking about something new or to change i mean its not without reason

Anonymous 2 months ago

I agree my wife was a Gemini and she ghosted me and hence I had to send a divorce for her

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm a Gemi and I can't explain it but it's so natural to just leave people behind. I guess it's due to my moodiness. Because I fund I might like you one day and the next he does something that make me think differently and I just leave without making a fuss. No words are need to be said.

Anonymous 2 months ago

What about Aries? I’m one and I’ve ghosted people several times. I can’t explain it! I simply lost interest ! I agree about Aquarius- they ghost me from time to time

Anonymous 2 months ago

May I know how many weeks is Aquarius tend to ghost?

Anonymous 2 months ago

Scorpios always ghost me

Anonymous 2 months ago

They seriously don't like to be bosses around. I meet a girl bartender very hot was totally smitten with her but after a few dates she was very bossy with me because she thought we gotta to the next level. She tried to get me to do this and that. I thought to myself if it gotten even more serious she will get worse.ended it right away. She was shocked because she thought she was a 10 and could get away with it.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Pisces dnt like to be bossed around.

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

As opposed to?? Every other sign that does??