4 Zodiac signs who are cocky and smug

People who are cocky are brimming with self-confidence and often appear as brash and outspoken. According to astrology, these 4 zodiac signs are cocky and smug.
4 Zodiac signs who are cocky and smug
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Who doesn’t want to be self-confident? Everybody feels that being sure of yourself and completely satisfied with yourself is a good quality. But sometimes one can go a little overboard with this. 


People who are brimming with self-confidence and who’s self-obsession knows no bounds, are often termed as cocky. They don’t think anyone to be better than themselves and often come across as smug and sly. Here are 4 zodiac signs who are inherently cocky and smug.



Aries-born people are great at taking initiatives and are blessed with leadership skills. They know how to convince people and are often the ones to start their own business. But due to their cockiness, they fail to act upon their ambitions and are not too sure about how to take things forward.




Contrary to Aries, Taureans aren’t exactly great at showing leadership skills and taking initiatives. They have a laid back approach to life and you’ll find them chilling in a corner. Their cockiness compels them to convince others too to relax and take a chill pill!



Cancerians are creative individuals who like things like music, art, poetry, etc. Since they are talented and artistic, they tend to get quite cocky about them being different and a cut above the rest.




Aquarians think of themselves as being different and unique. They try to appear as mysterious and deep and often get carried away with their desire to stand out from the crowd. This can result in them feeling alone and cut off from the rest of the world.

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Anonymous 3 days ago

as an aquarius i do love being different and so do other famous aquarius’s too! ed sheeran growled up thinking he was unique because of his ginger hair!(he still thinks he’s unique :) i love self confidence no matter what though.

Anonymous 6 days ago

But ♋ has quite low self esteem ( i am a Cancerian as well )

Anonymous 6 days ago

Where is leo? Leo is considered to be the head of all

Anonymous 6 days ago

Haha!!! Aquarius r just born to stand out!!

Anonymous 6 days ago

Wait. Even Pisces have high self confidence. I have a lot of piscean friends of mine having this trait

Anonymous 6 days ago

Lol as a Leo i'm surprised we're not on here.

Anonymous 6 days ago

Why I am always found cancer in all matter

Anonymous 7 days ago

What is this? Taurus have great leadership skills and leo??

Anonymous 7 days ago

Where is Leo?