4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to run away from LOVE and commitment

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4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to run away from LOVE and commitment

Falling in love can be an emotional roller coaster ride for many of us. Some people are willing to risk it all and take the leap of faith while others wait it out and beat around the bush until it’s the right time. These people often keep themselves away from pure and raw emotions in order to not lose their focus and get heartbroken by someone. They keep themselves well guarded with a closed heart and an open mind. 

It is tough to break their walls as they have guarded their heart with a strong layer of shield. It is almost impossible for them to expect love or to give love. People belong to these zodiac signs find it hard to fall in and out of love so they simply avoid for reasons pertaining to their own preference and comfort. 

Let us find out the zodiac signs who prefer staying single and run away from love.


People belonging to this zodiac have a hard time making serious commitments, one that they are going to stand by for lifelong. To them, the idea of love doesn’t exist and even if it does, it goes away in a split of a second by realising there are better things to do in life. Their priorities are set, they simply want to enjoy life to the fullest with close friends, live in the moment and not take things too seriously.

Their fickle minded and impulsive nature doesn’t allow them to fall in love deeply and truly. They are prone to getting bored way too easily and once the excitement is over, they fall out of love quickly and leave. Geminis love a good challenge and want their relationships to resonate that as well. They want excitement, enthusiasm, drama, chase and intriguing conversations to keep them interested. The mere idea of true love isn’t enough for them.


Virgos are perfectionists who seek perfection even in their partner or love life. They guard their emotions by putting up a strong front. They take their own time in finding the perfect partner who is going to understand their complex nature and go hand in hand. Until then, they will prefer staying single and bury themselves in working on their own insecurities and building a life of their own. They prefer being independent and keep themselves away from feelings like love in the fear of getting hurt. They want to become the best version of themselves and they work hard on building their reputation every day. Hence, it is not easy for them to let somebody into their lives so easily and change their habits or life cycle. They look for someone who is brave enough to love them and accept them not realising that it is impossible to find the perfect partner. 


In the fear of getting hurt, Aquarians keep their emotions all pent up and never express their deepest desires. Even if they do fall in love, they would be the last person to admit it. They run far away from love or any such feeling that would expose them to their vulnerabilities. They have an individualistic approach to everything and do not second their opinion. They are clueless when it comes to confessing love and they only fall in love if they feel the connection is real. Even then, they would sit and contemplate back and forth if it is the right thing to do. 

If it is not worth it for an Aquarian, they will put zero effort into it. They like to be mysterious and cold, not intentionally but, it is their innate nature to hide their feelings and keep them buried. They are happy souls when left alone and do not indulge in love affairs as they see it as an additional effort. They wish that people just should know somehow that they care for them without making it obvious.


This zodiac sign likes to bury themselves with work and things that give their life a purpose. Love is not on the list of priorities for them, unfortunately. They are hard working, disciplined and dedicated people who choose to invest their time selectively. They are picky about choosing a life partner for themselves and if they feel its a waste of time, they simply do not care.

Capricorns will run away from love as long as it is not bringing any value into their life. They will happily stay single and do their own thing and work on their goals. They are hardly looking for someone to fill the void as they are too busy planning their own schedule. They hardly have space for someone else in their life and prefer to keep things simple and minimalistic. However, once they fall in love, they go deep and will make sure you feel appreciated and acknowledged.

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