4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to steal your man

Sometimes some people just want what you have and it becomes difficult for you to hold on to it or even ‘him’. So, here are the 4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to steal your man. Check it out
4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to steal your man4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to steal your man
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There’s a big difference between finding your friend’s boyfriend cute to actually stealing them away. We’ve all seen movies of a love triangle where the friend takes away the boy without even the girl realising about it. But, just as love, stealing a person’s mate takes two to tango and this is really something everyone should know of. But, while they are doing so, there are a few Zodiac signs who do not feel guilty at all and here they are:



Aries, we all know that if you set one thing in your mind, you will find a way to get it no matter what. Now, this does not only apply to a certain thing but also for people in your case. It is a great way to show your power but is it good to do it on the stake of someone else’s happiness who does not even know what was coming? Well, while you have a ‘Don’t look back attitude’ there is going to be a day when Karma will come crawling at your doorstep.



Well, well, who saw this one coming? Aquarians are known to be the strong and silent type who are busy minding their own businesses. But, behind that sweet and strong smile, there’s always an agenda hidden that nobody could’ve ever seen coming. 



Leos are the king of the jungle, so they will rarely wait to get what they want and instead go hunting for it in the wilderness. They are a compassionate sign, bet when they REALLY want something or some’one’ their morals and feelings just go running out of the window. All they need to do then is ‘win’.



Who could’ve ever thought we’d have Cancer in this list? Cancer is one of the most emotional signs and who could’ve possibly thought they’d turn into a homewrecker? But here’s the deal with Cancers - they are one of the nicest friends you could have but, when it comes down to love they do not have a very good reputation. If they know what they want, they will use their hidden art to seduction to lure them to them.

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