4 Zodiac signs who are shrewd and astute

Some people are born shrewd. They are manipulative, street smart and clever. They can easily get their job done by others by manipulating them and sweet-talking to them. Here are the 4 zodiac signs who are astute, street-savvy and shrewd.
4 Zodiac signs who are shrewd and astute 4 Zodiac signs who are shrewd and astute
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While some people are innocent, unaware, submissive and soft-spoken, others are clever and shrewd. They are well-versed with the ways of the world and are pretty smart to work their way through quickly to the top. They have no inhibitions and will readily use people to their advantage.


They know how to deal with people and how to get their job done. They have some tricks up their sleeves that make them street smart, astute and sharp-witted. Astrologically speaking, here are the 4 zodiac signs who are shrewd and clever.




Although Taureans do seem frivolous and shallow, due to their attraction to opulence and luxurious things, they are pretty sharp and clever individuals. They carefully analyse the situation before making a decision and are smart enough to not make decisions guided by their heart.




Leos are shrewd because they know how to fake it till they make it. They have the ability to be warm, polite and friendly with everyone they meet and know how to get their job done. They are well aware of the people with whom they have to be bold and assertive with, and the ones with whom they have to be soft-spoken and warm.



Scorpios never hesitate in befriending their foes when the situation demands. They are manipulative, shrewd and astute and can easily trick people into helping them out. They are also pretty brave, courageous and bold and thus, quickly make their way to the top.  




Pisces-born people are highly intuitive and this is what makes them street-savvy and shrewd. They always listen to their gut, in tough situations. They never back down in the face of fear and are well-equipped to get themselves out of trouble.  



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