5 Artistic piggy banks to cultivate the habit of savings

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5 Artistic piggy banks to cultivate the habit of savings
5 Artistic piggy banks to cultivate the habit of savings

Piggy banks are one of the easiest ways of saving finances. Be it coins or currency notes, now you can save every penny of yours for lifetime. Traditionally, piggy banks were only meant for kids but as time evolved piggy banks have been of great help to adults. It makes one realise the value of money, responsibilities and keeping a track on bills. Want to experience a hike in your savings? Grab these artistic piggy banks STRAIGHT AWAY!

1. Wooden Money Bank

Encourage saving with the help of this Wooden Money Bank. It has a dual locking and unlocking system.It is handcrafted and designed with an intention to help not only adults but also kids to save money in everyday life. 


Price: Rs.1799

Deal: Rs. 421

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2. Wooden Barrel Money Piggy Bank

This Wooden Barrel Money Piggy Bank has a vintage and aesthetic look. The barrel shape of the piggy bank is given a brass finish for a realistic look. Savings is easy whereas removing the saved money is easier. It has a screw and a hinge door at the bottom to let your saved money out. 


Price: Rs. 599

Deal: Rs. 499

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3. Wooden Coin Holder

This Wooden Coin Holder has intricate designs at all sides. It has a lock and key system to remove the saved money out. If you are an old school charm, then this piggy bank is ideal for you. It reminds everyone of the treasures found in fiction stories.


Price: Rs. 399

Deal: Rs. 128

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4. Artistic Bottle Shape Money Bank

Piggy banks are not less than home decor. They are one of the show pieces that attract maximum attention. Thus, if you are looking for an artistic yet trendy piggy bank, then you should not miss this bottle shaped money bank. This money bank is meant for ages and fulfills your saving needs.


Price: Rs. 850 

Deal: Rs. 450

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5. Artistic Coin Saving Box

This Artistic Coin Saving Box is made up of sheesham rosewood. It is attractive and looks elegant when helped in any nook or shelf of the house. It has a hinge lid that allows one to remove money at the time of need. This piggy bank is hand crafted and has a natural wooden finishing.


Price: Rs. 750

Deal: Rs. 420

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Now you can set a saving goal with ease and learn to manage your budget wisely. Piggy banks are a great way of understanding the priceless worth of money. Remember, every drop can make an ocean. So wave goodbye to unnecessary expenses and say hello to savings!


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