5 Best appetite stimulants for your dogs when they are unwilling to eat anything

Due to many health and medical issues, your pet dog may get unwilling to eat anything, as a result, they may face chronic health problems. So, here are 5 appetite stimulants to increase their hunger.
Appetite solutions for dogs5 Best appetite stimulants for your dogs when they are unwilling to eat anything
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Often dogs may not be willing to eat anything and this is caused due to many reasons. When dogs lose their appetite, it becomes hard for the owners to feed them. But without the right proportions of foods, they may get sick and weak.

So, dog owners should always try to increase their pet’s appetite and give them healthy foods for optimal health. They can also try some appetite stimulants to reduce the problem.

Appetite stimulants for dogs:

How to stimulate a dog’s appetite?

You can use a stimulant in your dogs when they don’t want to eat anything due to health issues, being on medication or recovering from an illness. You can try these ways to increase their appetite:

Rotisserie Chicken

When your sick or geriatric dog, who is a picky eater, doesn’t want to eat anything, then Rotisserie Chicken is the best option to tempt him or her. It smells good to the dogs, so they will easily be attracted to the food. But make sure you don’t give him the bones and skin of the chicken. Your dog needs to have a low-fat diet, so give him the white meat portions only. For better result, you can slightly warm it up.


It can reduce nausea, inflammation and pain. So, if your dog is suffering from any medical condition like diabetes, kidney or liver failure, pancreas inflammation, hormonal imbalances, etc. then acupuncture can be highly beneficial for them.

Vitamin B

Often your dog may not be willing to eat because of the poor digestion process. Then, you can give them Vitamin B supplements to improve their digestion process. Vitamin B is highly beneficial for this. But always ask your doctor before giving this.

CBD oil

Cannabidiol oil is highly therapeutic for dogs as it doesn’t give any feeling of getting high. It can treat their sleep, nausea and anxiety issues.


Lack of physical activity is one of the prime reasons for appetite loss in dogs. When you see a major appetite loss in your pooch, then have a strict check on their physical activity routine. Regular exercises will reduce this problem.

Recommended foods for sickly dogs

These foods are good for your sick furry friend- boiled eggs, chicken broth, cottage cheese, mashed carrots and potatoes, probiotics, pumpkin, watermelon, white rice, yoghurt, etc.

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