5 Best dog breeds to have for cuddling

Not all types of dog breeds like to cuddle every day. Some of them are very energetic and they like to stay active most of the time. But there are some breeds who are a perfect cuddly lap dog.
5 Best dog breeds to have for cuddling5 Best dog breeds to have for cuddling
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We all know how great it feels to have a pet around you every time; and it becomes more fun when you have a dog as your pet. Dogs are one of the best domestic animals to nurture. They give you emotional support as well; some dogs are trained to be therapy dogs for pet therapy. Each dog breed is different and comes with their distinct nature.  Some are super energetic, some like to jump a lot, some always run all over the house and some like to have a lot of cuddle.

Well, cuddling is a very basic thing that most of the dogs like to do. They don’t like to get it for the entire day. But there are some dog breeds who are always ready to have your cuddle every time; you can hug them tightly and show your affection whenever you want to. They won’t say get irritated with it. So, here are some dog breeds we have listed down who like to get cuddles. Check them out.

These are popular dog breeds for cuddling:

Golden Retriever

They are one of the best family pets and they are very smart, affectionate, gentle and fun-loving. They like to have the company of children and want to please and make everyone happy. They are very energetic dogs, so make sure you give them plenty of exercises.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog became popular in 17th century when they were nurtured mostly by royal family. They have a loving temperament and can gel well with other pets as well. But they don’t like to sit on the couch for the entire day. This breed also needs an active lifestyle.



They are one of the most common choices as pets. They are extremely loyal, affectionate and brave to their owners. They tend to have a bossy attitude and can be stubborn sometimes if you don’t listen to them. However, this breed is not suitable for a house with babies as Pomeranians always like to be the centre of attention.



It’s a giant breed with gentle, loving and calm nature. They are often referred to as the nanny dog because they are extremely devoted and loyal to their family, owners and children as well. But they need exercising to prevent their boredom. You do need a large space in your home if you want to have them.



This is one of the smallest dog breeds with a bigger personality. Their sassy behaviour easily brings people’s attention to them. But they need some exercises and proper training and socialisation to make them a great companion. You should not put them on your lap every time because this makes them fearful. But for having a cuddly lap dog, Chihuahua is probably the best option.


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Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

Some how you forgot Australian Shepherd! Big cuddlebug!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Just TRY getting a weiner dog off if you lap. Or away from you when you're sleeping.

Anonymous 2 months ago

My Baby loves to cuddle Shih Tzu my best friend

Anonymous 2 months ago

I agree. My s**h tzu, Precious, is the best cuddler out there.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Every Boxer that I have had, 6, loved to cuddle. At times when I have had 2 at the same time, they would get jealous of one another over who was getting the attention.

Anonymous 2 months ago

My chinese crested loves to cuddle n give kisses.

Anonymous 2 months ago

My Austrian Terrier loves to cuddle.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Nope! LOL Our miniature schnauzer Ollie is the best cuddler as was his predecessor mini schnauzer Kirby!

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

There is nothing better than a basset hound! Loyal, lovable, and my best friend.

Anonymous 2 months ago

A Pug is the ultimate Cuddle buddy. They always want to be touching you, and will give you hugs. Their favorite place is being in your lap.

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