TOP 5 feel good shows to watch and chill this weekend

Take a look at these easy, light and hilarious shows to watch this weekend and uplift your mood and spirits!
TOP 5 feel good shows to watch and chill this weekend
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It’s the weekend and we all know what a weekend during a pandemic means, binge-watching a new series! In addition to this, since you are not having a rocking social life, you might feel low and dull at times. And what better way to cheer yourself up than watch a feel-good show?

So with this thought in mind and with the luxury of relaxing on a weekend, we have for you the very best shows to binge-watch that are light and easygoing and are perfect to lift your spirits!

Emily in Paris

Set in the gorgeous city of Paris, this show follows the journey of Emily Cooper who has been transferred to Paris by her company to try and convince a bunch of snooty French people to give an American point of view to their firm’s marketing strategies. Watch this show for the stunning outfits, breathtaking backdrops and of course for the gorgeous Lucas Bravo.

Girl Boss

This show is loosely based on the life of Sophia Amoruso, founder of the famous fashion retailer ‘Nasty Gal’. It follows the journey of a shoplifter who finds her way to becoming a fashion entrepreneur.

The Office

Steve Carell is the star of the show. This US version of the British sitcom is the perfect show to watch when all you want is to take a break from the never-ending and monotonous office work. The show is filled with unconventional and fascinating characters who are sure to tickle your funny bone.

The Mindy Project

Follow the journey of Mindy Lahiri in this hilarious show that depicts the struggles of trying to be a responsible adult and behaving in a certain way while failing miserably at it!


This show features Sutton Foster in the lead role who is a single-mom and poses as a 26-year old to get a job at a publishing company. Watch this show to laugh uncontrollably at her struggles of pretending to be a millennial!

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