5 Common cat feeding mistakes pet parents should stop repeating

Feeding is one of the prime factors to make your cats healthy. But often pet parents make many mistakes while feeding their cats. Read on to know more.
5 Common cat feeding mistakes pet parents should stop repeating5 Common cat feeding mistakes pet parents should stop repeating
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There are several things to keep in mind if you have a cat as a pet in your house. You will always want to give your furry friend an optimal health and that comes with many responsibilities. From health to safety to lifestyle, you have to keep a keen eye on every aspect for the little friend.

Among all these aspects, feeding is the most important one to make your cat healthy because his foods need to provide all kinds of essential nutrients for a healthy body. But often we commit many mistakes by repeating some common feeding errors for our cats. Some are given below.

Common errors to avoid for feeding your cat:

1.Cats can’t have fruits and veggies, but that doesn’t mean they can eat just any type of meat. They need the correct meat to get the right amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. So, don’t forget to ask the vet about it.

2.There are many myths about dry and wet foods for cats. But in reality, wet foods have fewer calories and high-water content. On the other hand, dry foods have carbohydrates. So, wet foods are high in protein and have lower carbohydrates than dry foods.

3.Free feeding is another big mistake that most of the pet parents make. But according to vets, cats should be fed multiple times a day and they should play around for sometime before eating the food.  

4.You shouldn’t decide out cat’s diet chart. The vet will only make the diet plan for our furry friends. If you are making it, then stop that right now.

5.Are you feeding your cats together in one bowl? Then that’s another mistake you are doing unknowingly. Cats should be fed in separate bowls and in separate rooms. They can’t eat together as it causes stomach problems, overeating, etc.

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