5 Common pregnancy issues mothers to be should know about to stay healthy and safe

Updated on Dec 15, 2020 05:12 AM IST  |  366.3K
5 Common pregnancy issues mothers to be should know about to stay healthy and safe

Pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable moments for women. They have to take care of themselves a lot and be aware of their health issues. Regular checkup, ultrasonography, healthy diet, prenatal yoga, etc. are some of the few things that are always advisable for them.

But moms-to-be may sometimes encounter some common pregnancy issues for which they have to be prepared. They should know its symptoms and causes to prevent problems. It is also advisable to talk to your gynaecologist as well.

Types of common pregnancy issues:

High blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the arteries that carry blood from the heart to organs and the placenta are narrowed. This problem puts you at a higher risk of having several other issues like having your baby small or before delivery date. Consult your doctor regularly for regular check and medications to regulate the blood pressure levels.

Gestational diabetes

This problem occurs when your body cannot process sugar in the right way and the level of sugar gets increased in the bloodstream. Pregnant women with this issue need to have a check on their diet. Generally, this problem gets resolved after delivery.


This occurs after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy which causes high blood pressure and kidney problems. Doctors generally recommend quick delivery of the baby and the placenta to prevent the disease from spreading more.

Preterm labour

Preterm labour occurs when would-be-moms go into labour before 37 weeks of pregnancy. This happens before the baby’s organs like the lungs or brain have finished the development process. Certain medications and rest are prescribed for this issue.


It means the level of red blood cells in your body is very low. So, doctors generally recommend having supplements of iron or folic acid during pregnancy.

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