5 Dog breeds to bring at home for having emotional support

Dogs are one of the best options to have as pets. They are smart, playful, energetic and intelligent. These qualities make them efficient emotional support animals. So, read on to know the breeds that can provide enough emotional support to you.
5 Dog breeds to bring at home for having emotional support5 Dog breeds to bring at home for having emotional support
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Dogs are one of the best domestic animals to have as pets. They can give you enough emotional support and be your best friend. They are energetic, strong, friendly and intelligent. So, people often adopt a dog for having emotional support. Currently, pet therapy is very popular in India, where the therapy is mostly done by some special dog breeds. People who have mental issues are given this therapy where they spend some time with the therapy dogs.

So, if you also want to bring a pet at your home and befriend him then dogs will always be the best option. There are some special dog breeds that are best for coping up with your emotional problems. If you are alone at home and want someone to be with you, then these furry little ones can be your best friend.

Dog breeds to have as pets for emotional support.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are always very happy, energetic and playful. They will encourage you for everything whenever you will feel dull. Apart from being a good pet, they are a really good breed for emotional support. This breed is mostly used for pet therapy.


German Shepherd

This breed is highly intelligent and they are preferred as work dogs by Police, Defence, Security personnel, etc. But their intelligence makes them extremely efficient to be an emotional support animal. They love to indulge in something with their owners and can be a great companion in public places as well.



This is the most preferred breed of the Queen of England. They are playful with humans of all ages and their intelligence makes them a great companion for gaining emotional support. But they need a lot of mental and physical exercises to keep them active.



This small dog breed is highly energetic and can gel with people of all ages, especially with children. Pugs always have a natural desire to make people feel happy and better.



Collies have a constant check on their flock or family to see if they are completely happy and protected. They are skilled to detect if humans are not doing good mentally and to quickly provide them with essential comfort. They need ample exercises and so, they are a good choice for keeping people fit regularly.


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We pamper foreign breeds. We made Indian breeds street dogs.