5 Early signs of pregnancy to determine if you are expecting

During the initial stage of pregnancy, certain changes are seen in the body that will help you to understand if you should go for a check-up. So, here are some early signs of pregnancy that women should know about.
5 Early signs of pregnancy to determine if you are expecting
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Are you pregnant? Well, before you get the pregnancy test done, it is better to know its early signs also so that you can suspect that you might be pregnant. During the first phase of pregnancy, women may show certain signs which indicate their pregnancy. The early signs are given right below.

Early signs of pregnancy:

Most common signs

Missed period- If you have missed period, then that can be a sign of being pregnant. But if you have generally an irregular menstrual cycle, then this can be misleading.

Swollen breasts- Due to the hormonal changes, your breasts will become tender and swollen and sensitive as well. But the discomfort will stop after a week once the body gets adjusted to the hormonal changes.

Nausea- Nausea can be another sign with or without vomiting along with morning sickness. But this sign is not seen in every pregnant woman; it can vary from person to person. Pregnancy hormones play a major role in it.

More frequent urination- A pregnant woman is likely to urinate more often than usual. Because blood gets increased in their body during pregnancy, which makes the kidney process more fluid that ends up in the bladder.

Fatigue- This is one of the most common signs of pregnancy in women. Due to the increased level of progesterone hormone, women feel sleepy and tired.

Some other early signs of pregnancy:

Moodiness- Different hormonal changes make you sleepy, moody and quite emotional as well.

Bloating- Due to the hormonal changes, some pregnant women may feel bloated, especially during their period.

Constipation- Problems in the digestive system are another issue during the initial stage of pregnancy which causes constipation sometimes.

Nasal congestion- Increased levels of hormones and blood cause the mucous membranes to swell which makes your nose runny or stuffy.

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