5 EASY telltale signs that men are intimidated by you

You are sure and confident but somehow you drive guys away! Chances are they are intimidated by your presence. Consider these 5 signs to know the truth.
5 EASY telltale signs that men are intimidated by you
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You are strong, sure of yourself and a confident woman. You are pretty and you know how to flirt! So you work your way to a guy’s heart by flirting away to glory with him. But then, nothing. He suddenly seems like he is not interested and you are left wondering as to where you went wrong.

Chances are he got intimidated by you. Since you have a strong personality and are no damsel in distress, men tend to get intimidated by your presence. They feel insecure and unworthy and therefore do not dare to take things forward with you. These are the 5 signs that men are intimidated by you.

They get nervous

You can see them fiddling with their keys or their palms becoming sweaty all of a sudden. If they fumble and crack lame jokes around you, it might be because they are intimidated by you.

They are unable to maintain eye contact

Even if they gather the courage to talk to you and make the first move, they will not make eye contact with you to not let you know how nervous and scared they are by your presence.

They are jealous

Whatever you tell them, they somehow twist it to make it sound bad and insulting. This is because they are jealous of how confident and secure you are and want to pull you down. 

They never make the first move

Men are usually the ones to initiate. When they like someone they are the ones to make the first move. If for some reason they do show interest in you but fail to make the first move, it can be because you intimidate them.

They brag

When men get intimidated by a woman, they brag a lot to make up for their nervousness. So if they tell you how much they earn or how big their house is, even without you asking, chances are they are trying to hide their insecurities that come to light when they are with you.

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