5 Easy ways to make your pet feel at home

Having a pet is a huge responsibility, so follow these ways to make your pet feel at home and get settled in
5 Easy ways to make your pet feel at home
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Bringing a pet home is a huge responsibility and when you bring your pet home, be prepared to give them your maximum time and attention, in the beginning, to get them settled in and comfortable. It is a big step for your pet as they are moving in with new, unfamiliar people at an unfamiliar place.



The very basics of keeping a pet include making sure that the pet is comfortable, has a routine, and doesn't panic about their new home. The thought of bringing home a pet sparks a lot of excitement in all of us. But before you get to savour in all the licking and cuddling, and the unconditional warmth and love, there are a few things that you need to take care of at home.


Toilet train them

Set a routine for them as far as toilet training is concerned. Whether it is a balcony or outside the house, make sure to get them acquainted with the place and set a habit.

Spend time with them

This is the most important. When your pet is new, they want someone to love them and protect them. Spending time with your pet in the initial days will help them get attached to you and get used to your presence.

Introduce them to all house members

Even if you’re the primary owner, introduce them to all the other members of the house to help them get to know everybody and interact with them.

Assign a space exclusively for your pet

Whether it is a kennel or a pet bed, assign a corner for your pet to make them feel at home and comfortable.

Be prepared to stay awake some nights

Your pet might get a little restless or anxious in the night, as it is dark and they are not used to the surroundings. Calm them and make them feel that they are safe and protected.

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